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Welcome to my blog where i shall blog, of course.


I can blog now?

I decided to confront my fear of someday becoming that guy who lives with his mom in the basement playing video games all day and viewing the sinful pleasures of online… well you know and decided to blog?

Somehow this doesn’t seem right. However I’ve noticed how much I want to get my photography out into the world of the internets. SO, I’m blogging.

I want to blog about well… things people blog about…. Which are?

I have three cats, I want a dog, a new camera, some lenses, a laptop and an all expense paid trip to Japan. YEAH! I know its not so safe but neither is America.

Over time I hope to post Pictures I take, video work I hope to start on, and a few things in between and all over.

In the meantime, check out my pictures uploaded to my flickr. Most of which are from my trip to Japan this last summer, but I’ll start uploading more.